Hierarchy of NeedsDr. Abraham Maslow invented the “hierarchy of needs” by studying happy people. My friend told me about him yesterday and I was googling “self-actualization”..this is very true and interesting so I wanted to share with you guys today. He studied people who are actually content with their lives and he called this level of happiness and satisfaction “self-actualization”. He said that all of us want to be happy and satisfied with our lives but we have to meet fundamental needs such as food, water and shelter before we can move onto the next level of happiness. According to his theory, there are five stages of needs which make us happy. If we don’t have the money to buy food, we can’t worry about having meaningful friendships, marriage and finding purposes in our liveså-nett. Money can us the fundamental needs to survive with money (supposed we are healthy) and we won’t have to worry about bills, rent etc..but money alone cannot take us to the level of “self-actualization”. He says few people actually reach to this level. People who are self-actualized are not necessarily rich and famous, in fact there are many rich and famous people who are still stuck in meeting very basic needs. Many people assume money can take us to that place. Probably many of us spend our entire lives seeking that level of satisfaction..and that is why some people turn to religions.


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