Japan to export Doraemon to US

I am so excited about this news! US is importing Japan’s most popular cartoon character, Doraemon, a robot cat who came from the future to their network. Draemon came from the future to rescue his dead beat friend, Nobita-kun. Nobita is always bullied by his classmates, he is lazy and wants easy way out all the time. Of course the highlight of the episode is for Doraemon to take out a special “tool” for Nobita so that makes Nobita’s problem go away.

If you are from Japan, you must have grown up watching this extremely successful series on TV, comic books and movies. According to AFP, Doraemon will debut on US TV this year..that is so exciting! So which American network will be airing Doraemon? It is Disney! Doraemon has been loved by everybody including small children and adults especially in Asia. I hope this will be successful in America provided that some of the main characters’ names will be changed, stories to be adjusted for American viewers.

My mother actually did not encourage us to watch Doraemon too much. She thought it was a cool show but she was worried about possible adverse effects Doraemon has on us, children. lol

These are the reasons my mother didn’t want us to watch this show.

1) In reality, we don’t have Doraemon to rescue us. Doraemon always helps Nobita-kun who is a wimpy kid and always asking Doraemon to rescue him. Children would be shocked to learn that there is no Doraemon in reality and there is nothing even remotely close to it.

2) Nobita appears to be whiny and it teaches small children that it is ok to whine and cry to get what they want.

3) Another thing is that Nobita kun appeared to

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