Japanese green tea Matcha

I love Matcha or “Omattcha” (this sounds more polite). Matcha is finely-milled premium green tea powder and it was first used in tea ceremony rituals in China. Matcha powder is also used to add flavor to mochi, and i saw “green tea soba noodles” in Mitsuwa (Japanese grocery store) on the other day. I love anything matcha. 🙂

There are 2 ways of preparing Matcha based on your preference. You can either prepare “thick matcha” or “thin matcha”. Someone prepared matcha during tea ceremony when I was a child, so I once tried it. It was too bitter for me, as he was making “thick matcha” but right now I can handle..I actually prefer thick rich matcha. You put a small amount of matcha power into the bowl, and you use a chashaku (bamboo scoop) after adding hot water. Matcha tastes bitter actually, so Japanese people often serve matcha with wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets).

If you want to make usucha (thin tea), you have to use a smaller amount of power of matcha, and for koicha (thick tea), you have to use more power.

Matcha is said to offer many health benefits. Matcha has much more antioxidant than that of regular green teas, and studies who that matcha may reduce the risk of heart diseases when consumed regularly. Because of the health benefits and the popularity of matcha, you find green tea candies, different types of green tea, matcha and related products for Japanese ceremony, matcha soba, matcha products are everywhere in Japan. I love the bitterness of matcha..I should get Japanese tea ceremony set to make great matcha.

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