Kabuki in Las Vegas

This is very exciting that it was recently announced that an international audience will have opportunities to experience the beauty of Kabuki-the traditional Japanese performance/dance.

President of Japanese Entertainment company Shochiki announced that the Japan Kabuki Festival will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada in the US in May.

This gives Japan a great chance to spread the classical Japanese art and theater to a global audience as people from all over the world visit Las Vegas. Kabuki is a form of traditional Japanese theater that has been performed since the 17th century. Women were part of the show initially but all actors are males including those who play female roles.

Actors start training in childhood and they are known for their elaborate costumes, wigs and heavy makeup.

The play is titled “Shi-Shi-O”- The Adventures of the Mythical Lion and seven shows will be held at the David Copperfield Theater at the MGM Grant from May 3-7, 2016.


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