Oh My god! Monkey

Residents in a city in wester Japan are to be offered compensation after being attacked by a wild monkey. The city of Hyuga in Miyazaki Prefecture will give 20,000 yen ($205) to each of the 18 victims, the Kyodo news agency reports. The make macaque was eventually captured on 9 September after terrorising the town for one and a half weeks. Among the victims, a man required 20 stiches in his arms and right leg. (BBC)

More than 1,000 professional hunters, firefighters and police officers were mobilised to snare the piqued primate after it set upon 18 people during a week-long rampage through Hyuga. The monkey was put down shortly thereafter. The municipal assembly of Hyuga, in Miyazaki prefecture, unanimously approved a bill to offer USD 205 to each person the male monkey had attacked. (Zeenews)

I am so glad that they have caught this aggressive male monkey..In Japan, there are a lot of wild monkeys in the countryside and you have probably seen the pictures of them relaxing in hot springs..lol

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