Half home and half greenhouse

It’s enough light to keep dozens of cactuses alive!

This house in Japan’s Gunma Prefecture is the very definition of indoor-outdoor living. Designed by the studios Snarks and Ouvi, the 1,100 square foot home has a two-story glass and wood solarium that juts off the back of the house and floods the space with light.

Back of house and solarium

When viewed from the side, the solarium gives the house the effect of being half transparent. On the ground floor of the solarium, a sun filled countertop is filled with cactuses. Upstairs, the sunroom is designed for lounging and is attached to a work space.

Photo by Ippei Shinzawa via Designboom

Much like the interior of the house, the solarium is built predominantly from wood and glass, which gives it an earthy yet stylish feel. The space is designed to be meditative and to encourage plant-and-human-health.

This is not the first we have seen a simple, greenhouse-like residence, but it is certainly one of the more elegant examples.


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