Scary Japanese Doctors

I don’t have any data that can be used to assess the quality of Japanese and American Medial Doctors. After living in California for over 10 years, I am much more comfortable with American doctors. I don’t care so much about the ethnicity but I prefer doctors who went to Medical School in America and got training in America. You might be I am totally brainwashed but I am comfortable with American Doctors much more than Japanese doctors. Don’t even get me started with dentist in Japan. There is no way that I am ever going back to dentist in Japan. Most of them take forever to fix a few problems and Japanese dentists are kind of nasty. They are not sensitive with patients’ fear of pain. I get scared of getting an anesthetic injection because of the needle. And you have to admit that it is kind of my American dentists would put numbing cream before doing an anesthetic injection…I know I am spoiled..I remember the horror that I experienced in 2003. I was pretty desperate about getting some work done there so I had no choice but to go to this local dentist. I regretted immediately..He told me that he would be drilling..He goes “Well, It will be about 30 seconds..but do you still want to use an anesthetic injection? I think you can handle this and it is really just a second..” Feeling the pressure from the dentist, I allowed him to start the procedure of drilling my cavity..I almost screamed..that’s how painful it was like “Ok. Isn’t so bad, right? It will be ok..Please endure with the pain for one more second” In American dentistry, pain management is the huge thing and usually they try their best to make sure that we are

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