Solo wedding service in Japan

I have never heard anything like this. I wrote about silent cafe but apparently, some Japanese travel agencies are capitalizing the concept of solo wedding.

So what exactly does the solo wedding mean? Are these for lonely women who are single but want to experience what’s like to be married without her partner? But Cerca Travel’s solo wedding package offers special services for you.

You can choose your own gown, and of course you can get hair stylist to do your hair professional for your special day. It does not stop there. You will also get a limo to the hotel and you will receive a special photo album in the end of your solo wedding.

This concept is a little too much for me. I tend to feel weird to do things on my own and don’t feel comfortable wearing a wedding dress and doing all the things happy brides do without having a partner in crime!

But obviously some Japanese people don’t mind paying some money to experience the solo wedding. You will be pampered with all these services and the agency will be reserving a nice hotel room also..isn’t that super excited?

The agency’s president is a woman and she created this business with mission to motivate and inspire single or divorced women to feel good about themselves. Just because you don’t have a boyfriend, you can’t get married..right?

The website offers both English and Japanese versions. The Cerca Travel company mainly offers services to women who want to travel solo to enjoy some alone-time. That is very interesting..

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It isn’t cheap though. Bridal Kimono costs 380,000 Yen ($3,800) But if the bride is a foreigner, she can get an English speaking tour coordinator.

Well, whoever came up with this idea is really smart especially because there is a growing trend of single women in 30s and above who are not too worried about ever finding the right one for marriage.

I can’t afford that much money for solo wedding but would be curious to experience this what’s like to be a solo bride..


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