Hot jobs in Japan

We all want to have a good job, a high paying job so we can have a better future. Because of our serious recession in America, many workers have been looking into alternative opportunities overseas. We all know that China is the biggest economic power right now and one of my former Japanese language student actually got a job as a marketing director in China. It was right after the market crashed so he was pretty lucky to have found a good paying job overseas.

Especially if you have a degree and has a special training or certificate in certain field, you will not have a big issue finding a job in Tokyo or other big cities in Japan. You have to look into visa requirements and all that but logistics can be taken cared of later. UNDP reports that Japan is the tenth best nation to live and work. (I don’t know if I believe in this data though…. 🙁 )

Just like any other countries, Japan has great opportunities in IT, engineering, finance, consulting, marketing etc.

But I do have to say that there are jobs which are very difficult for foreigners to get..for example, Sushi chef..unfortunately it is extremely important to be a native Japanese speaker since the customers feel most comfortable with what they are familiar with (Japanese people, black hair, Japanese language), so these technical fields involving the culture can be tricky.


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