the hottest dentist

He looks like a professional body builder in Japan. I wouldn’t even guess he is Japanese unless someone tells me. He is super tanned and what surprises us is his real profession..

He is the director of “Patoria dental clinic” in Omotesando, Tokyo in Japan. I am impressed.

Everybody is wondering how come he is treating dental problems but it is because he is a dentist.

The website for his dental clinic features this crazy picture and it has drawn the attention of the media. People are saying that he can slap his patient’s face for the tooth extraction…LOL

However, this dentist is pretty picky about his patients so only ten patients are allowed to see him, as he does want to take good care of his patients.  ^_^

I like how he calls himself “your personal dental trainer”…He acknowledges that his approach is different, but he is very passionate about helping his patients with their dental problems. I understand his unique approach to dental care, but I am the kind of person who gets extremely anxious about going to dentist..and I have to admit that it’s because of my traumatic experiences with my Japanese dentists back home.

body builder

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