The Japanese bathtub

By Adam Carter


The Japanese bathtub has been part of the Japanese culture for many years. The Japanese have always given importance to bathing and believe that these baths cleanse the spirit and soul of every individual. Asians have revered the healing power of bath water for centuries, especially the Japanese.

Being immersed in bath water takes away tension, stress, and alleviates all types of muscle pain that the body is experiencing. The Japanese even have a saying: Mizu-no-kokoro, which translates to mind like water. This saying simply means having a peaceful state of being that is in agreement with everything. It is interesting to note though that the Japanese do not really wash themselves in these tubs: the rule is to wash before getting into the tub.

The Japanese bathtub is deeper than the typical Western bath tubs. This gives you more room to move around in. Furthermore, the size of the tub lets you immerse your entire body in bath water. Japanese bath tubs can withstand high temperatures, and the heat of the water in the tub endears you to it more.

The popularity of the Japanese bathtub has since spread around the world. Traditional ofuros are made out of wood, and the modern day ones are made of acrylic and have a heater and a re-circulation system installed in them. You can also purchase bath tubs modeled after the japanese bath tubs anywhere in the world.

If you’re ever in Japan, try to experience this part of their culture. You will not have a difficult time finding a public bath, and if you aren’t sure where to go, just ask any Japanese person for directions, and they will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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