The World’s oldest man dies in Japan

Yasutaro Koide was formally recognized as the world’s oldest man by the Guinness World Records, has died on Tuesday at the age of 112 in Nagoya, Japan.

Mr. Koide was born on March 13, 1903 and has survived the wars.

When he was asked about the key to his longevity, he said that the best thing to do is to avoid overwork and live with joy. Currently, the world’s oldest person is American Susannah Mushatt Jones and she is 116.

111-year old Tokyo native Yoshida, born on May 30, 1904 succeeds Mr. Koide as the oldest man in the world.

Now the world’s oldest man is a survivor of the Auschwitz death camp. It is unbelievable not because he is so old but because of what he has gone through. Yisrael Kristal was born near Zarnow in Poland in 1903. He lived through two world wars before moving to Israel.

Since Yasutaro Koide died at the age of 112 years and 312 days, Yisrael Kristal is named the oldest man aged 112 years and 178 days. Yisrael does not believe that he has done anything special to live this long, but it’s rather “determined from above.”

Nazi Germany invaded his home country Poland in 1939, and Ysrael and his family moved to the Lodz ghetto. What’s heartbreaking is that his two children died in the ghetto, and his wife was sent to Auschwitz concentration camp in 1944. His wife died in the camp but he survived..

When the Allies freed the concentration camp and found him, he weighed just 37 kg. He is the only survivor from his family. My grandmother in Japan is 94 years old and is still alive. I am so happy that my grandmother has lived long enough to witness the modern world but sadly there are still global conflicts and wars.

I hope that we will never make the same mistake and children of our children will continue to maintain a strong commitment to world peace..

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