Popular Job in Japan

People often ask me what kind of jobs foreigners in Japan do..and the most popular job is English teacher. There are so many English conversation schools in Japan and they are probably the most common jobs for foreigners who work and live in Japan. There is a constant demand for native English language teachers in Japan, and there are is a program called The Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) which started in 1987 to improve exposure to international culture and language throughout Japan. Thousands of university graduates from English speaking countries have participated in the JET Program. Next application deadline if you are interested in becoming an English language teacher in Japan, go to this website. 🙂


In order to live in Japan for more than 3 months, you will need a job to get an appropriate visa. I think you can stay in Japan without visa if you are from certain countries with agreement with Japan. But beyond 90 days, you will still need some type of visa to be in compliant with the Japanese immigration law.

Another popular job among foreigners is computer technician or engineer. Since these positions are very specialized, the companies often provide visa sponsorship. The key here is to find companies that offer visas because you can’t work in Japan without having a proper visa.

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