Unusual Vending machines in Japan

I talked about crepe vending machine in Japan. I haven’t seen one myself yet but I definitely do miss vending machines in Japan. In America, I hardly see any vending machine. Sometimes, you find a vending machine in your company, at the gym, school..not not so much outside.

But in Japan, you find pretty cool vending machines everywhere. They are in the city, and there were many of them when I was in the countryside of Japan and saw many of them including the one selling cigarette!

1. Vending machine that sells canned rolls. I have never heard of such thing..but it is very cool, right?

vending machine 1

2. Vending machine that sells barbecue sauce. That is very strange..

vendine machine 2

3. Vending machine that sells noodles, rice ball..wow!

vending machine  3

4. Vending machine that sells alcohol~!

alcohol vending machine

5. Egg vending machine..this is pretty crazy

vending machine for tamago

6. vending machines that sell glasses wow!

glasses vending machine


I hardly see any vending machine here in California so I miss them so much! There are a lot more in Japan. Japan is a small country but it’s one of the most innovative and technologically advanced society.. I have a feeling even more crazier vending machine will be created in Japan!

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