Wifi in Japan

I try to visit my family every year, and at least every other year. The last time I visited them last year, I noticed there was an issue with internet connection. My job was changing at that time, and my vacation plan had already been set before I was offered this new position, so I reluctantly offered to do some work while vacationing in Japan. 🙂 I was hoping to just go to cafe to get free Wi-Fi so that i could check my work emails, but I couldn’t really find free Wi-Fi services even at starbucks. In America, wifi is the gold standard for almost every food industry, but although Japan is known to be high-tech, there is very little free wifi that we can use in Japan. Japanese people use their cell phones all the times, and these smart phones have internet access so they might not care too much, but there is only so much we can do even with iphone so it was frustrating to me. I had to stay at my home to connect to the cable to check my work emails in Japan.

My dad let me use his mileage club card to pay for my flight ticket last time, and not only that he let me upgrade my seat to business class. Thanks dad..that was very nice of him. Then I went to the lounge space offered for business and first class passengers..and again I cannot connect to wifi. My frustration was slowly escalating..then I asked a flight attendent if there was a problem. She politely told me that too many people were using at the same time…so it might be a little congested. I was not very happy about that because do you know how much it cost to fly business class from Tokyo to California..? $8000..? I used my dad’s mileage but still not having wifi for business class isn’t very nice..

So this was my experience with Wi-fi in Japan. 🙂

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