Toyota shows off autopilot tech system

Toyota on Friday unveiled next-generation car technologies that automatically swerve to avoid collisions while also keeping to the middle of the road..without drivers touching the wheel-and which could be on the market in just a few years’ time…I am going to need to get this vehicle once it arrives in the market. I can’t remember how many times I have got into bumper to bumper type of accidents. Toyota has pretty cool car..Plug-in hybrids car is a sustainable car. Toyota Motor Corp. is developing autonomous safety technologies to create a virtual “co-pilot” in vehicles that helps drivers avoid accidents rather than self-driving cars and trucks. For Toyota and Lexux, an autonomous vehicle does not translate to a driverless vehicle, but rather a car equipped with an intelligent, always-attentive co-pilot whose skills contribute to safer driving.

I am so excited about the new Toyota vehicle that has the technology that automatically steer a vehicle away from another car or pedestrian to avoid an accident. It’s called a Pre-collision System (PCS_ with collision-avoidance support, glare preventing adaptive driving beam (ADB), a pop-up hood and an emergency-response technology. Toyota’s Pre-collision system uses cameras and radar that are attached to the vehicle, would automatically apply the brakes and take over the steering controls from the driver to steer away from hitting another car. In California, Toyota is everywhere…people love Toyota for fair prices and sustainability and reliability. I had two cars in the past and both of the cars were Toyota and this is my first time driving a German car..MiniCooper. I like how stylish it looks from the is pretty spacious contrary to the external look. The only thing is that maintenance fees would be much higher than Toyota and that is why I purchased extra protection plan which will cover major repairs.


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