X Japan documentary

I still remember the very last X Japan concert that I watched on TV. The last concert was held in Tokyo Dome, which is the largest concert venue in Japan.

I couldn’t believe that they were finally breaking up after all these years. X Japan is one of the top rock band from Japan and although I was not a fanatic fan, I love some of their hit songs and if you grow up in Japan, you’ve definitely heard some of their hit singles.

Hide, the lead guitarist of X Japan died shortly after and it devastated fans.

Although Hide was no longer around, the band was reunited in 2007 and they are making their first album since 1996.

Moreover, fans would be really excited because the documentary film titled “We are X” will be premiered at the Sundance Festival. The film explores the evolution and history of X Japan.

Yoshiki, drummer/pianist/songwriter for X Japan is extremely talented and he is definitely one of the most charismatic artists in Japan. “It’s overwhelming to see the full documentary We are X,” says Yoshiki.

Yoshiki’s amazing piano solo:

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