Hikaru Utada marries Italian man

Oh wow..Hikaru Utada, popular Japanese singer got married to her 23-year-old Italian man on May 23. I love her music, and remember everybody was talking about her debut album titled “first love” many years ago. “First Love” became the best selling album in Japanese music history and her career took off at that moment.

Utada’s parents were both in music industry, so it makes sense why she decided to follow her parents’ footsteps and she became much more successful as a singer song writer. One thing that separates her from other Japanese artists is her bilingual skills. She was born in Manhattan, New York and attended international School in Japan. She was accepted into Columbia University but dropped out because of relentless media harassment and her busy schedule. There was a huge anticipation about her debut in the U.S. and she did move back to New York and started to prepare for her full English songs. As there has never been truly successful Asian singers in America, there was a huge expectation for Utada. She and Timbaland co-wrote some songs together in order to facilitate her debut in American music industry but just like other Japanese artists such as Seiko Matsuda and Jin Akanishi, her attempt to succeed in America faced challenges and Utada moved back to Japan to return to the Japanese music industry. Utada was criticized for not advancing her career in American music industry.

Utada’s mother, Keiko Fuji committed suicide by jumping off the building in August 2013. Utada commented on her mother’s death and admitted that her mother had long suffered from mental illness. It is very sad but she has moved on with her life and is now married to a younger Italian man. Hopefully her mother in heaven is truly happy for her daughter’s marriage and that this marriage will be long-lasting. Just like Namie Amuro, Utada Hikaru’s life story is also very tragic despite the fact that they are the top Japanese singer song writers. I look forward to their continued success and creativity.

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