Onion note will make you cry


I am very confused but my sister sent me a link to this website..it’s called Onion Note andĀ this is the world’s first emotion-stirring notebook, carefully imprinted with onion components to ensure tears whenever you write. This product was invented by Magnus Ferreus company located in Silicon Valley…This revolutionary notebook is already stirring a lot of attention..

The CEO gave a keynote speech on this “revolutionary” notebook his company invented for Japanese consumers. The notebook that makes you cry just by writing on it. But what I want to know is what is this for? People would probably buy it out of curiosity. Especially Japanese consumers love strange products.

The president claims that this notebook is very special because it brings a completely new sensation..Interesting..

The commercials have already been aired in Japan..but I still don’t really understand what to make of these TV commercials?

I am still not understanding why the company has invested time and money to create this world’s first “onion note”.

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