Adult Film Actress

Japan is known for high technology, old history, fabulous food culture..and the adult film. I am not very proud of this last part but apparently adult video (porn) is ¬†huge in Japan. Some adult film actresses are like controversial celebrities in Japan. It is reported that the number of Japanese women wanting to get into porn has increased dramatically over the last 12 years. In my opinion, this is still a very controversial business and I don’t understand why anybody would do but I guess money is too good for them to resist…or I heard that many aspiring AV actresses in Japan hope to achieve fame in order to get into the regular Japanese entertainment industry. Ai Iijima was one of them. Although she became very famous and popular, she died at the age of 36. She did not commit suicide but died of pneumonia. She was probably the most popular media personality who had successfully transitioned our of the adult entertainment industry. But it is extremely rare due to the stigma attached to the adult entertainment.

Now the adult entertainment industry is so competitive that beauty is no longer the only factor the adult industry is looking for. They are looking for a star quality and even go after “Talento” (idols, actors/actresses, people in the entertainment industry) because people would love to see who they really are. Also it is a huge surprise but the adult industry prefers to hire actresses with a strong academic background…I am confused.


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