Asian girl has plastic surgeries to look like Victoria Secret Model

mirandakerrHave surgery to look like VS model..
Yes..I also love everything about Miranda Kerr. She is not only beautiful and stunning, she is very smart, quite a business woman yet down to earth. She was the second highest paid top model according to Forbes and it is said that her revenues for 2015 will easily double. She started out as a Victoria Secret’s Angel promoting their expensive lingeries and I still remember the first time me and my roommate saw her in the first VS roommate was clearly jealous. I was if I was that pretty, my life would have been different…? Maybe. She’s got everything and everything seems too perfect until about November 2013 when Miranda and Orlando Bloom jointly announced their amicable divorce. So..there is no such thing as perfect in this world. I imagine they both have extremely busy schedule and careers and unless one is willing to compromise to slow down, it usually doesn’t work out because of the schedule conflict. Anyways I went on and on about Miranda because I love her but I was shocked to learn that a young girl from South Korea is a fanatic fan of Miranda Kerr and she ended up having plastic surgeries to look like Miranda. She wears her makeups like Miranda, dress like

So any thoughts? Well, this girl on the right side is the one obviously obsessed with Miranda Kerr and she made a desperate attempt to have multiple surgeries which include eyelids, nose, face filler, possibly forehead. She is cute..and well, she kind of look like Miranda Kerr but I don’t know about her being Miranda’s clone..It takes more than a face and a beautiful body to obtain that level of success Miranda Kerr has. But I am sure she wanted to badly so she did it. Actually I don’t have any objection to plastic surgeries. I think we all wonder what it would be like to conceal some imperfections..For Asian women, we do have a routine procedure to create creases on eyelids and it’s the most operated procedure in Asia..especially in South Korea. But you are not changing your identity, and you are still going to be YOU after the surgery right?

The problem here is that this girl may be happy for looking kind of Miranda Kerr. First of all, this girl is Asian and she had to alter ethnic features which are typical to Asian population to look more White. So obviously this girl isn’t very all that comfortable in her own skin and didn’t like how she looked and who she was. The harsh reality is that plastic surgeries may give you temporary relief but something else would come up because she is not comfortable in herself, and she is not Miranda Kerr..It is very sad that many people are taking pictures of their favorite celebrities to the plastic surgeons and ask them to make them look like their celebrities. Why would you want to be someone else? They should first ask themselves that. It saddens me what I see people who just can’t embrace who they are, how beautiful they are..each person has certain unique beauty other people don’t have and it is good to be you..and it is ok to be you.

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