China denounces Japanese military strategy

Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng said in a statement that the move would increase regional tensions, state news agency xinhua reported. Earlier this week, Japan said it would buy advanced equipment including drones and amphibious vehicles. China is accusing Tokyo of using its national security as a pretext for military expansion. (continue reading on bbc..)

We see so many news on China/Japan relations everyday but why the tensions between the two countries have gotten worse over the years and why some Chinese people hate Japanese people so much? if you really understand the history, you probably don’t need to re-read the history book again. Chinese people grow up learning to hate Japan. Even children watch a movie called “Little Soldier Zhang”, which was directed by Sun Lijun. The movie features a 12-year-old boy venturing into his life in the 1930s..and then Japanese solders come and kill the little Zhang’s grandmother. Basically Chinese kids learn about anti-Japan war stuff at early ages. As you may know, Japan invaded China and brutalize the history, culture and people of China during the second world war. And many of their grandparents were killed by the Japanese..can you blame Chinese people for wanting to hate us?But the war officially ended in 1945 with atomic bombs which killed lots of Japanese people instantly. They can demand an official apology and compensation from Japanese Prime Minister but he is not going to care and unfortunately we have to all forgive each other, forgive ourselves and move on gradually. Some people may become furious reading this email but enough crap was done based on race, ethnicity and national pride, and the only way for us to heal from the past is to forgive what was done and learn from it. Hate and more tension won’t take us anywhere but another dangerous path to the third war..

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