Cherry blossoms season in Japan

According to a Japanese national weather forecast, cherry blossoms trees are expected to be in peak bloom next week.  Record breaking cold and snows which hit Japan delayed the peak bloom in Japan this year. If you are planning to visit Japan, Spring is the best time..the weather is perfect. It is before the rainy season which starts in June, and you will see beautiful cherry blossoms all over the country.

Cherry blossoms fall shortly after they bloom. Japanese people appreciate cherry blossoms because they symbolize the transience of life. They are short lived. Cherry blossom flowers fall shortly after they reach full-bloom. The falling of the cherry blossoms look like light pink snow flakes. They remind me nothing is permanent, and life is short. Anyways cherry blossoms are so beautiful, and I am sad to have missed doing sakura viewing (ohanami) with my family this year again.

Japanese people have appreciated Sakura (Japanese word for cherry blossoms) for centuries.

Whoever created the video did a great job. They are so beautiful…

Cherry blossoms symbolize the fleeting beauty and transient happiness in life.

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