We all have experience of friendship coming to an end. Closure doesn’t always happen for all past relationships and closed friendships. It is sometimes hard to even find the right words to end the relationship and you wonder what happened. The person who is walking away may have unexpressed thoughts. So having a healthy closure is very important so we can let go in a healthy way.

How do we let go? One way is to through gratitude. Make a choice to hold on to resentment and hurt will have a serious negative consequence. You can think about your old friend, something about her/him that served you in the past. Finding appreciation in the slightest sense helps us move on and accept.

This is far better than focusing on what could have been better to hold on to that relationship. What we gain from relationship can be profound or subtle.

But remember, it is ok to end the relationship and have a closure and let go. It is perfectly ok.

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