Create a website with WordPress

WordPress is easy to install so millions of people are using WordPress to create their blogs or websites. But the first thing you need to do is to come up with your domain ( and register. I used for my website and there are tons of companies offering the same services so you should pick one that you feel most comfortable with. offers everything in one place. You can register your domain name through them, get hosting plan (websites need to be hosted on their server unless you want to learn how to self-host your site) and they even have search engine optimization package and website builder. If you get godaddy’s website builder package, you will be able to access a certain number of professional templates so there is no need for you to design your homepage.

Easy enough? Let’s get to the real business.

1. In order to download the latest WordPress, go to this link.  One you download the WordPress, unzip the downloaded file to a folder you created somewhere on your computer.

2. and start the WordPress, choose your perfect theme and start adding content.

It is that easy. So why not create a fabulous website and possibly make money off your website. Possibilities are endless with today’s amazing social media and website technologies.

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