No sex please we are Japanese

This BBC documentary shows a unique aspect of Japan. Anita Rani, a journalist reports from Japan. Today the majority of Japanese people is over 65 years. Japan used to have more children in school but now there are many abandoned schools especially in the countryside of the country. Rani visits Yubari city with rapidly declined population. She says it’s a catastrophic population decline in the city and there is no baby in Yubari city..So she visits Tokyo trying to see more new born babies, and even there, fewer Japanese women are having babies and the average age at which women in Japan have their first child is 30 or 31 years old.

Then Ravi interviews two Japanese men in late 30s and they both have computer generated high school girl friends..One of them is married and he says he doesn’t tell his wife about his virtual girlfriend. Then Ravi asks “Which one do you choose, your wife or virtual girlfriend?” and he has to think about is pretty scary. But the thing is that there are weird people everywhere whether these men are “otaku” nerds or not. I think the recession is the major reason of “catastrophic” declined child birth in Japan.

I wrote about “Niito” and “Working Poor” before but more Japanese people are reluctant to pursue “real” relationships because they are troublesome and tiring. Definitely, there is a cultural tendency for Japanese young people to feel pessimistic about their future because of the stagnant recession.

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