Doraemon is an extremely well-known Japanese manga character. Anime series, “Doraemon”, was originally written by Fujiko Fujio in 1969. Due to the popularity, Doraemon became an animated series on TV. I grew up watching Doraemon, and didn’t miss the weekly show. Doraemon is a robot cat came from the future, and travels back and forth through Nobita’s desk drawer. Doraemon was sent to rescue Nobita, a 10 year-old boy who is often bullied by his classmates at school. Nobita is clumsy, doesn’t do well in school, and is always crying for Doraemon’s help.

As a child, I also wished that I had Doraemon saving me from the troubles. It would have been so much easier if I could just cry and ask for Doraemon’s help. Each episode is about Nobita learning an important life lesson after getting himself in more troubles for abusing Doraemon’s magical tools to get revenge on bullies and getting an easy way out. Whenever Nobita begs Doraemon for help, Doraemon takes magical tools from his pocket o help Nobita. My favorite one was “Dokodemo doa”, which means “anywhere door” in English. This magical door will let you travel anywhere you wish just by opening the door. Takeputa, another Doraemon’s magical tool, would let you fly just by placing it on your head. And these two tools were my favorite gadgets, which I still wish I had them as an adult.

Manga, “Doraemon”, teaches children the importance of doing your best to be independent. Doraemon is probably the most well-known Japanese manga series
and children from all around the world have been inspired by Doraemon making everyone’s dreams come true..but of course there is always a consequence if you abuse the power of his magical tools.

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