Foreigners in Japan

I found this very funny TV show interviewing foreigners on various things. This is a very interesting show and what amazes me is these foreigners’ flawless Japanese..They are definitely not tourists but probably have lived or studied Japanese very extensively. I’ve tutored Japanese language for many years but people who even live and study Japanese intensively will not get to this level of fluency in two years. Many of these people are near native Japanese speakers! It’s so funny because they seem to value Japanese culture and tradition much more than local Japanese people.

This woman says she doesn’t understand why a hair stylist tells her “Otsukaresama deshita” after having her hair washed. I have never thought of that but it is really true. lol These gaijin (foreigners) are definitely “Otaku” (nerds) because I know as a fact that most people in America don’t really care for Japanese language and culture. (at lease those whom I’ve met in California)

I am in Germany now and feeling bad for not learning basic German before coming here! I never wanted to be one of those tourists who expects local people in Japan to help them in English. 🙂

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