Marshmallow friend has told me about this Japanese idol group which consists of chubby girls. Well, they are definitely much curvier than any other Japanese celebrities but I don’t even think they are chubby. πŸ™ My own standard of weight has changed drastically since I moved to America. America is full of morbidly overweight…obese people. It’s simply dangerous to be that fat and it is horrific to see the reality show series called “My 600-lb diary”. These fat women are so obese that they are no longer capable of taking care of themselves. :'( It is very sad..but anyways I have become used to seeing “bigger” American people from different cultural backgrounds here so I am shocked when I learned about this “chubby” idol group in Japan..”They are not fat!! or chubby…” whatever.. T-T

Japanese talent agencies have very strict rules on dating and maintaining slim appearance but the girls in this “chubby” idol group don’t have to worry about getting fired because of gaining 2kg. But they may be fired if they lost weight..That sounds like a good deal to me because I love food so much… LOL Apparently these girls were selected from the audition Avex and CanCam had co-hosted. There were about 3500 applicants and I am surprised that these girls have actually applied for this audition because Japanese people are deeply ashamed to be associated with this organization but I guess that girls nowadays want to be popular and famous desperately.

The chubby idol group which consists of 10 girls is called “Chubbiness” sounds kind of cute in Japanglish. But I am glad that finally Japanese society is becoming more accepting of young women who are slightly bigger than popular idols. These conventional idols are scary me. I think it’s all about balance and it isn’t healthy to focus too much on being so skinny. Chubby girls are called “Marshmallow” kei in Japanese. (γƒžγ‚·γƒ₯γƒžγƒ­η³»οΌ‰I wish I would fall under the category but probably not…(^-^;) I am too old for this and don’t really care so it’s alright.

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