Japan is much safer

Is Japan safe? My American friends have asked me because I am going to Japan this week! I am so excited to see my family in Japan even though they are all over the places. I am going to fly in Kansai International Airport in Osaka and then will stay there overnight before actually taking a bullet train to go to Okayama prefecture where I grew up.

Nobody usually knows about my actual hometown so I don’t even bother to explain where it is located in Honshu island, Japan. But when my American friends asked me if Japan was a safe place to visit, I said, “absolutely.” How many countries would you be comfortable walking outside alone after dark.

I live in Southern California and it is a quite nice place. But even when I lived in an upper scale neighborhood, I have never felt comfortable walking outside after dark alone or even with my friend in America. First of all, you don’t see many people walking after dark in this country but in Japan, if you live in cities, everybody is walking to the train station, bus stop, running to catch a taxi. Of course we still have to be wary of our surroundings because weirdos are everywhere but in America, I don’t even feel safe on campus! Our campus is so beautiful. It’s huge and very green. With medical school, hospital, we need to drive to go from one campus to another campus since the University is made up of five different campuses.

Yet during the day, I don’t feel comfortable taking a walk alone in the library alley..I am not even comfortable walking to the parking lot located up on the hill and it takes about 10 minutes by talk. It is supposed to be a very safe place but American University has a police station usually and just last year alone, two women were almost assaulted, another case..woman was grabbed while jogging. This one wasn’t so bad because a female victim who was jogging tried to run after him but apparently he was faster and disappear. Just a few months ago, I saw a young African American man who clearly doesn’t seem like a student or a staff was caught on our security camera two or three times in the area some of our laptops are now missing. three years ago, this poor college student was raped when she was taking a nap at her dorm..a man came in and there was no help for her. Also there are a couple of reports that a group of male college students were threatened to give away their belonging to Hispanic men with guns. And this happened on campus..located in the resort.

That is why I am very careful not to walk outside even during the day alone and I rely on my automobile for transportation mostly. In that sense, Japan is so much safer even though we can never take safety for granted but it feels much safer in Japan because of its low crime rate. So if you are going to Japan, please do NOT bring your guns you bought in America and also know that it is unnecessary and it is ILLEGAL to have guns in Japan.


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