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By Alma J.

Here is a shortcut to your perfect Tokyo vacation. Make sure you visit these top 19 places in Japan as rated by visitors like you.

So what are the top 10 Japan vacation spots?

The Coolest Japan Tourism places?

Your basic list of Must visit in Japan?

Here it comes:

-Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park-For those of you interested in History of Japan, you will find no better place to learn about World War 2 as a turning point in Japanese history. The park in Hiroshima is dedicated to Peace.

-Kyoto-Ancient Japanese culture and art come to life in the Golden Pavilion, Nijo Castle, Kyoto Imperial Palace and Japanese Rock Gardens. Take the Shinkansen Bullet train to Kyoto, for an exciting ride.

On the way you will see Mt. Fuji, Japan’s majestic mountain especially during Autumn when foliage colors paint the trees.

  • Mt. Fuji – one of the most known symbols of Japan, with it’s beautifully symmetrical volcanic cone, and the five lakes around the northern part of it, are one of the Must see Japanese Attractions.
  • A Japanese Tea Ceremony-This spiritual Ritual is the perfect way to get to know Japan’s culture. The pace is slow, and every movement has its special meaning.
  • Sumo Wrestling- One of the Coolest Attractions on your Japan vacation, a memorable adventure to take home after you leave. Sit with the locals in the Sumo Arena in Tokyo to fully understand this national sport.
  • Japanese style gardens-the rocks, water, sand and trees, are all put together to reflect the seasonal changes. All the elements symbolize something .A lot of thought is put into planning and maintaining these Gardens. Do try the Matcha green tea and Japanese desserts in the Garden tea house.
  • Kabuki theater-A Kabuki play in the Kabukiza Theater in Ginza take 3 hours, but…you can buy tickets for just one act, which is minutes. Japanese theater is known for male only actors, performing female roles too. This is a tradition from Ancient Japan.
  • Harajuku- The center of Tokyo teens most extreme Japanese Cosplay fashion. This is one of the most unique thing to do in Japan. It happens every sunday in Harajuku, Tokyo
  • Osaka Castle-One of Japan’s most well known Attractions.


If your Japan vacation is limited in time, I would go for escorted Japan tours. They can help you make the most of short trip. There are some very Good reasons to take guided tours on you Japan vacation. If you’re coming for a few days then organized Tours can take you swiftly through all the must see Japanese attractions. Asking for directions from locals at the subway can be fun, but if you have only a few days in Japan, then this is going to be a big waste of your precious time.


I hope you enjoyed this page about Japan vacations. For more info check out Tokyo Tours.

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