Japanese high school bullies: It must stop

Private high school Saimitsu high school reported the confirmed incidents of bullying that were occurred in their baseball team to the baseball association in Aichi Prefecture.

According to the associates, more than ten 1 year students in the club were being kicked by the second year “senpai” in the club. It did not stop there. They hit the first year students’ butts with tennis racket. Bullies made the first year eat bugs.

As I mentioned before in my other article, Japan is a very hierarchical society meaning that your relationship with others is largely determined by your position in association with the other person. In this case, 1st year is considered the most vulnerable to being bullied and harassed. New students are called “Kohai” generally and older and more senior person in the club is called “Senpai”. It used to be a lot worse but now because of the number of cases of injuries and suicides, Japanese law enforcement is a lot more involved with investigating throughly and also they pressure the school to control the bullies.

Unfortunately, this type of bullying does not just end in school. There are many reports of being bullies at work places!

This is a real story.My sister recently called me because she finally decided to quit the company and the “senpai” who bullies youngster like her. She told me that the boss will put a bottle of spice into his youngster’s beer bottle, mix and tell him to drink it up and this poor guy does not have any other options but to just entertain his boss by doing this.

So Basically what I understand is that bullies exist even at work and probably every work place. I experienced that myself when I was working there via temporary agency in Tokyo. The word power harassment was more appropriate to describe the situation.

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