American customer service

Is terrible. It is probably better than the customer service in South America (my friend from South America told me American customer service was superb compared to the one she is used to.) However, American customer service is very poor overall especially when you compared to the service you get in Japan.

-At convenient stores in Japan (seven eleven, family mart, lawson..), you get the kind of customer service equivalent to the five start hotels in America. Cashiers at these convenient stores in Japan bow and thank you for buying a bottle of soda.

-What’s the most frustrating aspect of American customer service is their punctuality. I needed a technical to come into my apartment to set up an internet and TV and Time warner’s cable says their technician will come between 12pm and 5pm. That is a long window and I have to be at work and need to know approximately what time they will be coming. “No, we can’t give the exact time. They will come between 12pm and 5pm.” When the technician came, he set it up but said my TV was broken (no it was not broken) and TV installation wasn’t set up fully and he left without setting up fully but I ended up being charged for that.

-I called ¬†AT&T to add the data package, 45 minutes of phone calls and some text messages while I am staying in Japan. They told me everything was set up on the phone. I arrived here and my iphone says “no service”. I can’t even call them to verify this information because my phone has no service and my skype isn’t working properly either.

-The only decent service you can get in America is probably the food industry. Waiters/Waitresses provide much better services because they get tips from us. So they keep coming by to make sure everything is ok..the food is tasting refills..tea, sodas are usually unlimited in America. They are pretty fast usually and much better than some restaurants that I ate in Germany. But I didn’t need to tip the waiters in Germany.

I guess the reason that I am writing about American customer service is that I am very frustrated about my phone!!! They better not charge me for the data package and the text messages on my next bill because I will not pay for that.

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