Japanese highschoolgirl culture

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.37.08 AMI had to wear a uniform through high school in Japan. Unlike junior high, I was allowed to arrange hair in a way I wanted (no color though) in high school. So it was good. High school uniform was way cuter so it was exciting to make my skirt slightly shorter, wearing a pair of “loose socks.”

You see images of super cute Japanese school girls everywhere, especially on anime and music videos.

But I don’t know about “JK cafes” in Japan. JK stands for Jyoshi (girls) Koukou-sei (high school student). People in Japan are fixated on high school girls (Jyoshikousei-they normally call it) and that is why a shady cafe like this has become popular in Japan.

High school girls can make minimum wage working for JK cafe. All they need to do is to socialize and serve food/drinks to men who are much older than them.

Not only that..girls wear their actual high school uniforms. Although the owner of this cafe claims that all girls have to have a signed permission from their parents before starting to work there.

There are even shadier business in which high school girls are paid to participate in walking dates with men. Their walks are unsupervised.

Child protection groups say that it is a form of exploitation and it’s dangerous. Although Japan finally took an action and banned the possession of child pornography a while ago but it had taken them years before they could follow other developed countries.

JK cafe..is it legitimate? I would say no. It should be banned and what kind of parents would sign a consent form so their underage daughter can work for cafes and services that promote school girl fetish?

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