One thing Japanese women wouldn’t like

There is one thing Japanese women wouldn’t feel comfortable when dating American men. I would have loved to compare us with other western guys or men in different parts of the world but I had lived my first 20 years in Japan then moved to the U.S. So I am going to talk specifically about American men.

Japanese people are very sensitive about body odor in general. So it is customary for people to take a bath or take a shower to clean their body so it won’t bother their partner. I had very limited dating experiences back home so I was quite surprised learn that American people don’t always take a shower before sleeping together. is because sex is often spontaneous and it kills the mood.

But I still HAVE to take a shower and bet most Japanese women feel the need to clean themselves before sleeping with their boyfriend. This sense of shame doesn’t really disappear just because you have been in a long term relationship with your boyfriend. It is a customary and also a courtesy to take a shower before the act.

Do both Japanese men and women do it? Not necessarily. Women are the ones who do this and Japanese men know about this so they usually ask their girls if they want to use his shower. Hum..

The thing is that nobody taught me I should take a shower before sex. I don’t remember how I learned either actually and I talked to my best friend living in Japan about my experiences and she was surprised that American men seem to care less about the shower part.

I interviewed some American men whom I know in real life and they say that they have never really taught of that and they all agree that it is a good practice and understand why Japanese people do that. It’s just that most guys in the US don’t care because..and I will leave it up to you to decide whether Japanese people are too sensitive.

I think it is just a matter of preference. Don’t you think?

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