Japanese women’s flawless Skin

Japanese women are obsessed with flawless white skin. You rarely see Japanese women with heavy wrinkles, more than a few heavy pigmentations and all other aging signs. My American friends have asked me about my regular skin care regime. I told them that I first used toner and then serum because I have combination skin. I guess some of them were simply using cheap drug store facial creams. At the same time, many American mid-aged women would go to medical skin care spa to get Botox to paralyze the movement of their facial muscles, laser treatment and all these drastic procedures to erase aging signs.

Japanese skin care routine is much more simple and this is what Japanese people including myself would do every night before going to bed.

1: wash your face with a gentle cleanser and use an exfoliation once a week.

2: Use facial mask once a week.

3. After washing your face, follow the steps by applying light moisturizing toner, serum and cream if necessary.

It is that simple! Some Japanese women go to so called “ESUTE” which is basically like Spa but many Japanese women simply follow this skin regime every day. It makes a huge difference if you take care of your skin consistently everyday.

So why are Japanese women so obsessed with flawless young looking skin?

It’s the TV commercials featuring beautiful models with flawless brighter skin. Every drug store you go in Japan, they sell a wide range of beauty products and I am blown away by their quality and the variety every time I visit home. And I must admit that proper skin care regime was part of my childhood. I was only 13 years old when my mother introduced me to Kanebo serum of which I loved and used for the next five years.

There was a time young Japanese women were focused on having tanned skin and adopt the look of popular hip hop or R&B singers from America but white skin has always been the dominant standard of Japanese beauty standard that will continue to dictate the market.

Another secret to Japanese women’s flawless skin is the UV scream. There are millions of different sunscreens sold at the drug store in Japan, and most Japanese women wear a sunscreen rigorously before going under the sun or they may use an umbrella that blocks UV ray. They are that rigorous about their skincare! They also eat healthy Japanese diet that usually includes miso soup, fish, sea weed and all these power foods. Exercise is another way to stay fit and exercising regularly helps with blood circulation so toxins are often excreted after the exercise. Because you have to do walk a lot if you live especially in the city part of Japan. So you will be getting exercises naturally.

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