An alcohol-free beer from Suntory

I used to drink socially with my friends..maybe like one a week but now I rarely enjoy alcohol. The funny thing is that I love diet coke so much that it has become my routine..”diet coke” is my cocktail.

Japantoday is reportig that this cool beverage that can be an alternative to our favorite beer!

This is the very first non-alcoholic beer that has COLLAGEN!!!

Collagen makes your skin soft and smooth I love that.

This is so Japanese but you know that Japan is obsessed with cute packages and this one is not an exception. The can of the beer has the coolest and the cutest looking can and Japantoday says that the drink has even more flavor.

I am sure women are trying to cut back on alcohol consumption and also are concerned about their skin issue, this seems like the perfect drink for you to have at dinner time.

This drink is definitely targeted toward women working professionals or even women college students.

My mom always told me that beer was not healthy for us, especially for us women because we can get acne blah blah so maybe They have finally come up with this magically healthy beer that even contains beauty effects.



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