Japan’s insanely expensive fruits

My mother was very generous when it comes to fruits. We always ate fruits after dinner and my other Japanese friends didn’t have the luxury so they were jealous about us. I am not sure why these fruits are so expensive and who would spend that much money on fruits? And I found this store that sells only fruits. It’s located in Ginza, Tokyo and this is a very high end store.

I guess some Japanese people do. My mother isn’t Japanese but she always told us to eat well, healthy and organic. But no, she didn’t buy fruits that cost this much…  🙄

Top Four seriously expensive fruits sold at this high end store. (http://ginza-sembikiya.jp/company) 

1) Melon: This is fairly expensive even in regular grocery stores in Japan. But in this store, one melon costs 16,200 yen..wow!

2) Cherries that melt in your mouth. Guess how much each cherry costs? 12,960 yen..these cherries look beautiful, the exact same size..


3) Huge Mango: I am sure this is super delicious but 16,200 yen?!


4) Huge strawberry: 500 yen per strawberry. Godiva sells chocolate covered strawberry for 500 yen…



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