Kome and diabetes risk

Traditionally Japanese people eat a bowl of rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My grandmother in Fukuoka used to make delicious traditional Japanese breakfast, which consists of rice, miso soup, fish and tamago yaki (egg roll). I still miss it so much but I don’t have the time to cook traditional breakfast before going to work every morning. It’s an excuse! 🙁 but I am just one of modern Japanese people. Older Japanese people may stick with traditional Japanese breakfast but young Japanese people would just have bread, coffee and sandwich or lunch box for lunch and then they might eat a nice meal. Even then, Japanese people eat much more rice than westerners. It’s not limited to Japan because many Asian countries eat rice.

Japanese people are known for their slim figure but surprisingly diabetes is one of the top illnesses they suffer. I do not have the data but Asian American also have a high prevalence of diabetes and I wonder if white rice is a contributing factor to this high prevalence of diabetes among Asian populations. My grandfather also suffered from diabetes and my grandmother suffered from uncontrolled diabetes, which led to kidney failure and she lost her battle in her 70s. One common thing is that they all love eating rice. Japanese food is known to be very healthy because of its natural ingredients and minerals but it is reported that eating white rice on a regular basis increases the risk of developing diabetes. I am on Medifast now and rice is a big no no for us doing this diet. LOL  Here is an interesting article about eating rice and the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.”

Researchers who analyzed the results of four studies involving 352,374 people from China, Japan, the United States and Australia found that each serving per day of white rice, or 158g, increased the risk of diabetes by 11% across the overall population. All participants were free from diabetes at the start of the studies. more than 13,000 developed the condition. In the studies conducted in China and Japan, people who are the most white rice were 55% more likely yo develop the disease than those who consumed the least. In the US and Australia, the most voracious consumers of white rice were only 12% more likely to get diabetes than people who ate the least. (continue reading..)

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