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koinobori carp streamers

Koinobori  is used for Tango no Sekku celebration in Japan. It is now called Chidren’s Day which takes place on May 5th each year. Koinobori means  “carp streamer” in Japanese.  Koinobori is made of paper on which carp patterns are drawn and they These wind socks are made by drawing carp patterns on paper, cloth or other nonwoven fabric. Koinobori looks like fish and Japanese people usually hung Koinobori kites from poles outside the homes. You see Koinobori between April and early May across Japan. These beautiful carp streamers represent well-being and health for sons.

Since the Edo period, the seasonal festival, Sekku, which originally came from China during the Heian Period, became the day to celebrate boys while people honor their daughters on March 3rd. (the doll’s festival) Japanese carp streamers are symbols of children’s healthy growth. Originally the streamers were used by samurai warriors on the battle field. Thus these represent strength and its capability to get through rough times.




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