Angelic cat “Mil”

An angelic cat named “Mil” is the cutest which makes people want to cuddle with his in bed.

Mill sleeps happily with his head poking out blanket. The bed looks a little too big for Mil, don’t you think?

He looks like a prince sleeping in a king size. We can easily fall in love with him. The owner of this cat says that Mil was already asleep in bed just like that before she went to bed. I’ve never seen a cat sleeping like that before.

The owner tried to wake her friend up but she didn’t. So she gently put a blanket over Mil. Mil uses the bed like her own, but the owner just forgives Mil because of her angelic cuteness. Later, the owner also went into the same bed and slept with Mil.

Mil was actually a stray cat and ever since the owner took her in, Mil has been living happily. On August 3, a popular photographer Kenta Igarashi realeased a photo book “Good afternoon, Mil kun” and the book should contain a number of angelically cute Mil kun.

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