Mesmerizing Floating Bonsai Plant

Air Bonsai..a floating Bonsai Tree. I have never seen anything like this before. This is pretty amazing..This floating bonsai tree isn’t cheap though. You can get an Air Bonsai starter kit, including a magnetic base and a mossy ball for $200. The ball floats 2 centimeters above the base. Kickstarter project Air Bonsai combines together magnetic levitation, wee plants and traditiona Japanese monozukuri (craftsmanship). Using the same magnetic floating trick we have seen in speakers, everything that the tree or plant of your choosing-needs is contained within the floating ball. The team has already passed its goal of $80,000 but you can still add to the money pot, with $200 enough to land you a basic starter kit.

Because of the import issues of sending plants between countries, US-based backers will be receiving locally-sourced, tiny pine trees, but there is nothing to stop you floating different tiny plant for your own bizarre anime dream. Depending on your aesthetic tastes, you can upgrade the little start floating orb. There is four designs for the energy base that maintains the magnetic field: All of which look classier than the chintzy speakers we have seen at tech trade shows.

As if Bonsai trees weren’t cool enough, there is a kickstarter campaign pitching a bonsai tree set that will allow your plants to float. It is a conversational piece that will really tie the room together. The Air Bonsai uses the power of magnets to repel the plant away from its base, allowing it to levitate. The magnets are powerful enough to repel the plant two whole centimeters above the base.

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