My most favorite Michelle Phan’s video

Michelle Phan is a very popular makeup instructor on youtube. She got the most followers around the world, and her youtube beauty channel is proud to have over 5 million followers! Some celebrities struggle to get that many followers so Michelle is truly a great business woman.

I like her tutorial because all of them represent who she really is. Authenticity is a powerful message Michelle can give to young followers. If you are just selling the product that you don’t give a damns about, what is the point?

Michelle has created hundreds of thousands of different themed makeup tutorial videos on youtube. At one point, Michelle was a spokes person for Lancome, and released videos featuring Lancome products she personally uses. Then she launched her own makeup lines. Em cosmetics were a collaboration between Michelle and her fans around the world. Each product really reflects the voice of various customers.

What I like about Michelle Phan is her bravery and willingness to take risks, which are inevitable in business. Michelle’s authenticity is reflected on her every product and I do love her videos.

Although I love most of her videos, this particular one has caught my attention, so I’ve watched it repeatedly and I wanted to share this with you. This video was released in Deceber 2014, exactly a year ago.

By far, this is my most favorite Michelle’s creation. What a soothing voice and a beautiful music..this is such an inspirational video.

Now we are ending 2015, we should watch this video to embrace all the things that have happened in our lives this year and move forward for the future without losing our each hope and dream.

Thank you Michelle for your awesome work and becoming an advocate for other women to aspire to pursue what they want in lives. You are a true inspiration to all of us.

This video below is Michelle’s older video. Michelle does the makeup herself, create and edit all her videos and this video is older so she was involved with all aspects of video creation..

What is your favorite Michelle’s video?

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