Coming of age ceremony

Japan’s 20-year olds celebrated their adulthood on Monday.

Coming-of-Age Day is called “Seijin no Hi” in Japanese.

In Japan, once young adults turn 20, they are considered legally adults. That means that they can drink, smoke and vote!

It is clearly a special day for new adults in Japan, as girls dress up up in expensive kimonos, wear fur and boys wear a tie and suit and they meet up with their friends to go to the city ceremonies that are held all over Japan. Some people visit shrine with their friends and a lot of young adults party at night.

But the whole purpose of this coming of age celebration is to encourage new adults who are joining society as responsible individuals. They will need to have a new set of expectations as adults.

On Coming of age holiday (Seijin no hi), it is quite boring.

Local government officials attend the local coming of age local ceremony attended by new 20 year-olds who live in the district.

I cannot believe that it’s been 16 years since I was 20 years old.

Time surely flies by so quickly.

I still wonder if I should have gone back to Japan to attend the coming of age event.

It was a once in a life time kind of experience but for some reason, my parents were relieved when I told them I was not able to come back for the ceremony because of school.

Buying special Kimono, Geta and Fur is extremely expensive and rental isn’t cheap either.So that was probably why they looked relieved. But I look at these young women’s pictures..they all look gorgeous in Kimonos.

I wonder how I would have felt at that time. Now I cannot even remember..

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