Reasons why I don’t like..

I moved to California after graduating from high school in the countryside of Japan. I was itching to leave Japan and explore the whole new world.

Of course, I didn’t just move but the move was for the college I chose to attend. I was immediately faced with various difficulties. Who wouldn’t face difficulty at he age of 18? I hardly spoke English fluently and my comprehension was even worse…

Another thing my overbearing other was really protective of me was my naiveness. I only had one boyfriend in Japan after high school. So Rightfully my parents are going to concerned about being played by local American guys .

They are right that I was a child and wasn’t experienced. But I wasn’t stupid and I do have standards. Also, as time went by, I started to just meet men and we go on “dates”..well, these weren’t really dates but they were taking me out for lunch, to these American men, I was sort of a date at least that day, right?

Back then I still looked very Japanese. You can tell the difference between Japanese people who has not been here long and those who have lived in America forever. I looked very young, times lost. A lot of men approached me in college, outside college..

But Most of them kind of bothered me and actually got on my nerve..because I soon realized that these guys approached me because I am Japanese and they had lived in Japan or have dated Japanese girls or some guys even went on to say that they only date Japanese women..maybe Chinese, Koreans..

I am lik ok. I am not sure what it is but that really turned me off. I felt like they weren’t interested in me per se but attracted to the stereotypes and the qualities of Japanese women but these are all illusion. Stereotypes are not always accurate.

I am pretty vocal about my own opinions in my blog but in private, I am pretty shy and reserved. You don’t get to know me until I trust you and it takes time for me to build that kind of relationship. Some qualities in me are so not Japanese so I was always worried that these qualities can turn them off.

For example, I am pretty messy. Laundry, plates…I don’t take care of these everyday. My hubby takes care of these now so I help him with other projects. But house hold chores aren’t my thing and I rarely cook. Testosterone cypionate is a slow-acting injectable ester of the main male androgen – testosterone. Testosterone is also the main anabolic hormone in men, serving as a basis for comparison with other anabolic/androgenic steroids. Like all injectable forms of testosterone, testosterone cypionate is highly valued by athletes because of its ability to increase the significant increase in muscle mass and strength. Here you can read more about test cypionate and use it correctly.

I want to give myself more credit and there is a potential because my non Japanese mother is an excellent cook and her mother was the same way. And they didn’t get serious about cooking until they had their first child.

Another thing these Japan loving American men don’t seem to like about me is my assertiveness. I am reserved but once I get to know the person, I will tell you what I think so these guys may not like what they are hearing.

Conclusion: I have never attempted to date a non-Asian man who is into Asian women. It feels uncomfortable and almost all men from that category were looking for”stereotypical Japanese women”, of which I don’t believe I am.

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