Naomi Watanabe becomes new sailor moon plus

I love Naomi Watanabe. I wrote an article about her before but she is a very popular-probably the most popular and well known female comedian and fashion model in Japan. Fashon model?! Yes Naomi Watanabe is a fashion icon for plus size in Japan.

She became famous in 2008 for impersonating Beyonce and known as the Japanese Beyonce. Over the recent years, Naomi has held shows all over the world. She is a spokeswoman for plus-size women.

She has millions of 6.8 million followers on Instagram!

She founded her own plus-size label called PUNYUS. Her company recently partnered with Sailor Moon franchise. A Punyus Sailor Moon collaboration items were launched in April in Japan. PUNYUS’s Sailor Moon collections have everything from T-shirts to sailor suit school girl costumes!










It’s a bit expensive though. The above sailor moon dress costs 9,709 yen..roughly $95. You can check out her Sailor Moon Collections here.

These collections are selling out quickly and the pink dress (below) is sold out!

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