Japanese people love brand

Japanese people love brands. Even ordinary people in Japan carry super expensive Louis Vitton handbags. They love high end commodity goods. I live in Southern California, so I see a lot of rich people and have seen people carrying these bags but people here are not as crazy about Luis Vitton bags as Japanese people in Japan. Many people in Japan are willing to pay thousands of dollars to own one and even ordinary high school and college girls can be seen carrying these bags.

According to the survey results, Burberry is the most popular brand Japanese people buy and nearly 40% have bought their product once in their life, and surprisingly the data shows that four out of 10 Japanese people (general public) bought a Louis Vitton product once in their life.

I don’t know why people in Japan are crazy about brands, but it’s a status and a temporary feeling of self satisfaction for having expensive products. Working professionals can perhaps somehow afford to buy these goods using their credit cards, but how about these young women in high school or even girls who don’t have a job? It is astonishing to learn about girls who work in night industry just so they can buy these things. and it is true that brand goods are popular gifts for Japanese couples. It is common for Japanese people to spend over $1000 on accessories, handbags and other things from Louis Vitton, Chanel, Christian Dior, Helmes to name a few..How do I know all these brands? well, I am from Japan.  😆

Spending that much money for a significant other is a huge investment…what do you think?

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