New type of Japanese girl

Rola is a popular Japanese model, and one thing you immediately notice about Rola is that she is super “kawaii”. Yes Japan is overloaded with cuteness and I wrote about Japanese people’s obsession with cuteness. Rola is a new kind of super kawaii Japanese model that represents multiculturalism. What is she? she speaks Japanese but doesn’t look like an ordinary Japanese girl.

Rola’s father is from Bangladesh and her mother is Japanese with a quarter Russian heritage. Although Rola was born in Tokyo, she was raised in Bangladesh until she was 9 years old so she speaks Bangladesh fluently and some English. Rola speaks good Japanese but her unique way of speaking Japanese has made her a popular TV personality.

Japanese people often say..” are so cute..” “You are so funny…” Rola is a professional model who primarily works for a popular Japanese fashion magazine “ViVi” so of course she is good looking. But her personality symbolizes the “kawaii” culture in Japan.

She talks with funny hand gestures, makes a pouty face and her voice is high-pitched. People say that Rola is just being Rola and she is the same person in front of TV and even in her private life. I am really not so sure about that but she has gained popularity with her kawaii personality and uniqueness and I am actually happy that Japanese society is accepting of her. She isn’t the typical “mixed” beautiful model with “gaikokujin” looks. You see strong physical traits of Bangladeshi person with very subtle Japanese physical features.

So what do you think about Rola? I like her a lot. She is definitely kawaii and very distinctively unique. I hope that more celebrities like Rola will gain popularity in Japanese society.

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