Can you tell the difference between Korean, Chinese and Japanese?

Can you tell the difference between Korean, Chinese and Japanese? My American friends always ask me whether Asian people sitting near us are Japanese..I can tell by their look whether they are Japanese or not and of course I know how Korean language and Chinese dialects sound like, so I can even tell the difference between Chinese and Korean people. But for Japanese people, I don’t really need to hear them speak Japanese..I can tell most of the times when they are Japanese. I had never really thought about this but what are the stereotypical facial features seen among Korean, Chinese and Japanese people? These are stereotypes and in reality, there is no black and white guidelines to tell the difference between East Asian people.

These are my own stereotype and stereotypes of other people that seem to fit into the categories of these three nationalities.

Chinese: They tend to have a wider eye. Wider than Japanese eyes. Their skin tend to be slightly darker than Japanese people. Typically their nose is wide and flat. As for Chinese men, I don’t see them having “cool haircuts” that is also an indication that they are Chinese.

Japanese: They tend to have a small almond shape eye. Some Japanese have big and wide eyes. They tend to have lighter skin and they tend to have a smaller nose.

Korean: I think Korean women are the most gorgeous in Asia. It is easy to tell that girls are Korean when they have dark straight hair with red lipsticks. 🙂 As for facial features of Korean people, it is a bit tough. Plastic surgeries are much more common in Korea so it is common for parents to give some money for their daughters to have double eyelid surgery after high school..This may be the reason..maybe not..but most of the Korean women I have seen here are beautiful..

Please feel free to add to the list if I am missing something.

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