Screaming ex-LDP lawmaker apologizes

What amazes me about this woman is her audacity to actually say that she want to continue to be part of Japanese politics at the press conference.

Some of you might have heard her scream at her ex male secretary. After she yelled at him a few times, he stared to carry a recorder and recorded some exchanges as these made him scared.

In one recording, she calls him “baldy” which is an ultimate insult for bald people..then she yells at him saying that he kept hurting him by making these mistakes everyday and that even bring his innocent daughter in while scolding at him.

You can also hear some hitting sound. The secretary went to the doctor and also filed a complaint against her at the police, but she has been denying all that.

Her excuse for all that? “Well, it is my voice but I am also surprised myself because this was the first time that I yelled at someone and it was definitely not normal. But I have to say that I did not assault him as he has claimed, so I would like people to understand this part. ”

A lot of people were complaining that Mayuko Toyota didn’t look sincerely sorry and she gave an impression that she was just doing what she needed to do to boost her image so she can return to work.

Even though she claims that this was the first time, one TV show interviewed three other ex secretaries who worked for Toyota and they say that they have either heard her yell at someone or one of them experienced excessive yelling and she even told him to write what he needed to do on his 3-year-old daughter’s face because he kept forgetting things.

There is no excuse for her to panic and scream at people like that. She was making more excuses saying that this secretary made mistakes every single day for 10 days and she was getting complaints from voters. She was getting scared and she was really busy and became very snappy. But she is a politician and is expected to be able to work well with other people. If she can’t even build her own team from within, I don’t see how anybody like her can fulfill any higher level commitment. Continue to follow the story here.

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